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I changed my mind.

Losing the Soul of the Business

Losing Soul

This week at my TEC (The Executive Committee) meeting we had a great guest speaker, Al Killeen. Al is a successful executive coach from Boulder, Colorado, and I like to think he’s living proof that there are more than just retired hippies living there. And, after listening to Al

How Leaders Can Use Inherited Wisdom

blog-Inherited Wisdom

This past weekend I brought my son, Rylan, to a local mountain to teach him how to snowboard. He’s been dying to go for months. For anyone who’s tried to learn the sport, you’ll recall the pain of spending a lot of time on your rear-end and feeling sorry

My Secret to Customer Retention

blog-Customer Retention

It doesn’t matter what industry you’re in, the most effective way to grow profitable revenue is to retain great customers. This is not news and most of us would agree with the sentiment.

All Good Brands Divide

Blog-Post-Brands Divide

As leaders, we know that not every decision we make will create perfect harmony. In fact, many of our decisions stand a good chance of dividing rather than uniting. Why?

The Strategy Behind Canada’s Most Admired Corporate Cultures Award


What can I say? It’s awards season. But while others might be focusing on movies, TV programs or music videos, I’m interested in those that recognize business culture, performance and growth. And there are several award programs out there for the Professional Services sector.

Are you a Leader that Loves?


With Valentine’s Day just behind us, the consumer marketing machine was in full effect with everything “love”. It’s a term our culture throws around flippantly with talk about “loving” our lattes in the morning but love is a term that should be better translated as deep commitment. My trend-setting pastor,

How to Lead Like A Politician In 3 Easy Steps


Can the phrase “great leadership” be automatically applied to today’s politicians? It’s not an easy question to answer but I personally like to think it’s something they all aspire to. Why? Because great leadership is, quite simply, a requirement of their role.