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I changed my mind.

How is Your Leadership Pain Tolerance?

Blog-Leadership Pain

It’s normal to live your life trying to avoid pain. It’s much more socially acceptable to embrace happiness as the goal for your life and all marketers (myself included) reinforce this philosophy by touting the benefits of products and services to help you achieve it.

Simple Strategy Questions. How do you stack up?

Blog-How Do You Stack

No matter who or what is being led – a small team, an entire department, a small business or a large enterprise – every leader needs to bring clarity to a strategy in order for it to be successful. Why? Author and speaker, Andy Stanley, says it best: people

My Car is Worth $550,000

Blog-Post-My Car is Worth

It was the most interesting three-minute conversation I’ve had in years. It was also a stark reminder about an important lesson I’ve learned as a marketer and a business owner: where is a company’s focus now versus where it should be.

Losing the Soul of the Business

Losing Soul

This week at my TEC (The Executive Committee) meeting we had a great guest speaker, Al Killeen. Al is a successful executive coach from Boulder, Colorado, and I like to think he’s living proof that there are more than just retired hippies living there. And, after listening to Al

How Leaders Can Use Inherited Wisdom

blog-Inherited Wisdom

This past weekend I brought my son, Rylan, to a local mountain to teach him how to snowboard. He’s been dying to go for months. For anyone who’s tried to learn the sport, you’ll recall the pain of spending a lot of time on your rear-end and feeling sorry

My Secret to Customer Retention

blog-Customer Retention

It doesn’t matter what industry you’re in, the most effective way to grow profitable revenue is to retain great customers. This is not news and most of us would agree with the sentiment.

All Good Brands Divide

Blog-Post-Brands Divide

As leaders, we know that not every decision we make will create perfect harmony. In fact, many of our decisions stand a good chance of dividing rather than uniting. Why?