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I changed my mind.

The Necessity of Being In Sync


I recently took part in a personal performance camp with a group I belong to called Warrior Coaching. One of the exercises they had us do was hike up a steep hill with a partner and then align our movements and steps so both of us were in sync. Right foot

How I’m Changing Our Sink or Swim Culture


It was with some bravado we used to say we lived in a sink or swim culture. The thought being that only the strong could survive our fast paced environment and if you couldn’t (or wouldn’t) keep up, you self-selected out or were politely asked to leave. I even thought

The Three Lessons Elon Musk Can Teach Us

Elon Musk_Blog

Elon Musk’s biography was on my summer reading list and it’s been one of my more interesting reads so far. I’ve always admired the achievements of entrepreneurs who take on tough businesses and I don’t think there’s any other industry with such entrenched business models as those found in

My Dad’s Guide to Great Design

Dads Guide to Design

I recently had the opportunity to visit with my parents who live across the country by Niagara Falls. My Dad and I went for a long early morning walk and I had the chance to ask him “what’s your philosophy for design?”

My Summer Reading List

Blog_Summer Reading

Bob Koehler is a motivational speaker who hails from my small hometown of Fonthill, Ontario. He’s shared the stage with the likes of Anthony Robbins and Jann Arden. There’s a quote that he references in every talk he gives and it’s resonated with me from the moment I first