We want you to succeed. It’s our mission.

Our mission is simple: help people succeed – our clients and our people. Our four values, following the acronym CREW, outline what we believe success looks like, and it starts with you.

About Crew

The one thing that I know is that you win with good people.”


Meet your Crew

  • Full CREW
  • Directors
  • Marketers
  • Creatives
  • Braden Douglas

    Founding Partner

    The word charisma may be over-used when talking about leaders, but not in Braden’s case. Since founding CREW in 2007, he’s been a visionary, mentor, strategist, rainmaker and relentlessly positive cheerleader for our rapidly growing company. From an internship at Procter & Gamble to a successful career at Frito-Lay, Braden’s marketing strategies have consistently delivered increased sales and growth. When he’s not inspiring his CREW at work or winding up his two children into a frenzy at home, he’s motivating business leaders at international conferences. We’re not sure he sleeps.

  • Josh Cairns


    Before signing on with CREW in 2014, Josh put his Psych degree to work inspiring teams to create award-winning experiential marketing campaigns for Microsoft, Rogers, Motorola and Petro Canada. So of course we sent him to Kelowna. Josh is the Columbus of CREW, exploring new markets and bringing our unique entrepreneurial approach to BC’s interior markets. Josh is all about people. He loves meeting potential partner clients and showing them how smart marketing can help their business grow. Preferably while playing golf.

  • James Tweedy

    Director of Marketing Services

    James lives and breathes strategy and branding. He’s been the cornerstone of CREW, the rocksteady core driving our most effective marketing efforts. His passion is diving into a business, digging deep, then tenaciously extracting the gold our creative teams need to build a brand. Or discovering the strategic nugget that forms the foundation for a successful marketing strategy. James is scary smart. Not necessarily in that order. He also plays a mean bass guitar and has a few tattoos. (But you didn’t hear that from us.)

  • Nick Bideshi

    Operations Director

    What qualifications does Nick bring to his multi-tasking role of HR Manager, IT Wizard, Financial Scrutinizer, Operational Efficiency Expert and Business Seer? Well, he’s a pretty wicked DJ. Not to mention being a former digital marketing entrepreneur with a carefully developed network of business and educational connections that our clients benefit from. (Okay, we benefit, too.) Nick’s ability to quietly guide, coach, mentor, team-build and steer us to greater efficiency is making us better. That, and takes requests.

  • Kelly Bagshaw

    Creative Director

    Working for 14 years in a senior capacity at leading creative firms, Kelly has gained experience on projects for Fraser Health, Polygon Homes, Ledingham McAllister, the Aquilini Group and many other clients. After joining CREW in 2013, she has successfully led our creative CREW to produce award-winning package design, innovative trade show displays and results-based marketing campaigns. After work, Kelly manages her own crew of two boys, one husband and one puppy.

  • Eric Davis

    Content Director

    Eric comes to CREW with a mandate to ideate, create and disseminate consistently compelling content that will consistently captivate consumers. And to never, ever use alliteration. A filmmaker, musician, vlogger, storyteller and rabid disc golfer (yes, golf with Frisbees is a thing), his varied interests and keen intellect are a welcome addition to our creative ranks. At an impressive 6’ 4” he’s like our very own storytelling totem pole. Eric’s position is a new one and he likens his journey to ‘white water rafting without a raft.’ Which sounds suspiciously like the itinerary of an errant tree branch, but hey.

  • Brad Marshall

    Director of Digital Marketing

    From scrappy start-ups to internationally respected brands, Brad has spent the last decade helping clients solve business problems and overcome digital dilemmas through strategic thinking and flawless creative execution. And shorter sentences. His brand and user experience approach for clients like Lululemon, Swisscom and The JUNO Awards has earned him a reputation for intelligent creativity. His writing has been published in a variety of magazines and newspapers as well as a couple of blogs that are kind of a big deal on the internet.

  • Giuseppe Simpatico

    Director of Digital Platforms

    With 13 years (so far) under his digital workbelt, Giuseppe has done everything from programming and design to project and account management. His clients have included Alliance Films Canada, UBC Okanagan, Predator Ridge and BigSteelBox. Giuseppe applies his degrees in (1) Fine Arts and (2) Visual Interactive Developments and Design (whew) to inspire and push his team to create appealing, immersive online experiences. When he’s not pixelating his team’s productivity, Giuseppe finds time to pursue digital portraiture, hang with his family and count his grey hairs.

  • Jay Lundgren

    Business Development Manager

    Another newer CREW member (Class of 2015), Jay brings a rather amazing skill set to our company. As you might expect, he has a BBA and understands how to get to the heart of a business. But he’s also ordained in BC, so he understands matters of the heart, too. Yes, Jay can marry people. Really. And he can even do it in a Don Cherry voice. Jay can also provide play-by-play for both Canucks and Seahawks games. Is there no end to this man’s unplumbed talents? We hope not. To us, he’s a rock star. Did we mention he was one of those, too?

  • Jesse Maxson

    Business Development Manager

    Jesse arrived at CREW in early 2016, fresh-faced and ready to roll on all kinds of new business opportunities. Literally rolling. He’s passionate about road and mountain biking. Some say possibly obsessive. We say, hop on those wheels and take off in hot pursuit of new clients, Jesse. And if you need some refreshment, dig in to some of your Uncle Jesse’s Homemade Ice Cream. And bring some back with you. We have some extra spoons here in the office. (That was a hint.)

  • Dennis Gabelhouse

    Business Development

    Dennis has been part of the Kelowna CREW team since our office opened in 2014, bringing his passion to help businesses succeed. His role as an éminence grise (google it, people) has been integral to helping the office find its footing and grow its clientele steadily. That’s because with his decades of business experience, all his personal and volunteer connections too, Dennis knows most everyone in the Okanagan. Literally. Your uncle in Summerland? Knows him. That second cousin in the Mission? Knows her, too.

  • Paul Lucrezi

    Senior Marketing Manager

    Paul brings 15 years of sales, marketing and brand management experience to CREW. Before joining us he completed a lengthy term with the Vancouver Giants Hockey Club. Which means he’s really good in the corners and knows how to call a game-winning play. Paul currently leads his CREW marketing team, overseeing strategic direction for a large roster of clients, most notably Tiger Tool and Crown Verity. Originally from Trail, BC, Paul lives in the Lower Mainland with his wife and two young boys. He’s never met a pizza he didn’t like.

  • Aaron Armstrong

    Senior Designer

    Although kiwis don’t have wings, this New Zealander spread his and flew the coop in an effort to broaden his creative horizons. A former Creative Director for a boutique creative agency in the North Island, Aaron brings a truly varied array of talents to CREW in Canada. (Ask about his awesome Photoshop skills.) A-a-ron also exhibits relentless positivity and is endlessly exploring and sharing different creative and operational solutions for the team. Oh, and he has a mad, mad passion for craft brewing and beers. And hats.

  • Abe Friesen

    Web Development Manager

    And you thought web development was all about headphone-clad coders quietly key punching to the sounds of their favourite obscure electronica band. Sure, there’s that. But then there’s someone like Abe who gets everyone on the same page. And keeps them there. Project management, quoting, scope definition, developer wrangling, information flow and quality control – these are just a few of the skill sets Abe brings to the table. Oh, and a somewhat baffling passion for smoking meats. (Cured, not inhaled.)

  • Allie LeMoine

    Digital Marketing Specialist

    Allie views her role as that of a digital siren, an online enchantress who attracts and compels visitors to engage with our clients’ websites. She has awesome SEO, Google, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Hootsuite Marketing spells. Uh, skills. And, yes, she’s doing a Hogwarts online accreditation course, (Defence Against the Dark Arts) although her heart belongs to that other Harry… you know, the prince of England. An accomplished equestrienne, fashionista and Starbucks slurper, we find Allie’s quirky sense of humour and sparky energy always keeps us enthralled.

  • Bryan McAllister

    Senior Designer

    Pixel Pusher and Problem Solver was Bryan’s preferred choice of job description but we felt that lacked the gravitas required for a graduate of the Conestoga College of Graphic Design & Marketing in Ontario. Bringing industry experience from Toronto and local agencies, we immediately snapped him up when he rolled into town. Bryan’s amazing skill sets aren’t limited to design, either. Snowboarding, basketball, soccer, illustration, photography… and cheese connoisseur. Any way you slice it, Bryan’s a big cheese wheel at CREW.

  • Carissa Greenlees

    Digital Marketing Specialist

    As part of her ruthless quest for global domination, Carissa took time away from competitive showjumping, volcano exploration and creative pottery to join CREW in 2015. She credits her years working with 1,200 pound animals for giving her the grace, patience, organizational and time management skills to work here. That, and she’s used to cleaning up after horses. Carissa’s quiet efficiency has already impressed everyone and we’re thankful for her skills as we swing for the fences.

  • Caroline Holman

    Marketing Coordinator

    Brandishing a BBA with a Minor in Pysch, Caroline is magnificently prepared to diplomatically and persuasively manage client projects. And clients. She spent seven years Trade Marketing for the world’s largest wine company, so we’re leaning on her heavily… and not because we’ve sampled too much shiraz at lunch. Aside from her encyclopedic knowledge of global vintages, (she’s a WSET Level 2 oenophile) Caroline is exceptionally pet-friendly (her husband owns a doggy daycare) and as a mother of a young daughter can occasionally be overheard warbling the chorus of “Let It Go.” Nothing we love more than a singalong.

  • Christine Vaughan


    Christine was lured to BC from her native Australia by Kelowna’s legendary surfing beaches. Apparently misinformed, she fell in love with the place anyway and we’re pleased she made CREW her home. When not boggling our minds with Aussie slang (Toque? It’s a beanie, mate!) Christine brings her amazing energy and focus to managing our projects. And she’s a real pro, too (PMP certified). She’s replaced surfing with longboarding and when not stickhandling projects for us, she’s doing it for real on the ice.
    Crikey, Sheila.

  • Cliff Borromeo

    Production Designer

    When he’s not putting his over two decades of print production, colour management and photoshopping skills to work at CREW, Cliff can be found: coaching his son’s football team, coaching his daughter’s volleyball team, competing in the Tough Mudder, running a marathon or photographing at various sporting events. We strongly suspect he comes to work for a much needed break. Cliff’s rocksteady focus and supreme technical competence give our designers the confidence to push the creative envelope.

  • Daniel Ryu

    Senior Designer

    After graduating from Capilano College’s IDEA program, Dan worked at several companies before joining CREW in 2010. He is the digital guru behind many of our largest client websites including Tiger Tool and Crown Verity and has designed many identities and logos. When it comes to communicating the ‘why’ of a brand online and enhancing user experience, Dan always makes it sing. Which he has also been doing faithfully in his church community, leading on guitar and vocals for over fifteen years.

  • Danielle Scheven

    Digital Marketing Specialist

    Danielle’s Bachelor of Business Management comes in handy as she guides clients through the digital development experience with sparkling strategies, smart SEO and crisply executed online campaigns. Danielle’s mother is very proud of her daughter (she should be - Danielle and her mother launched an online vintage-inspired jewelry business). When not planning digital dominance for clients, she can be found aligning her chakra at hot yoga. Just for the record, she will not tell you her mantra if you tell her yours.

  • Darlene McIntosh

    Traffic Manager

    Darlene manages our CREW workflow, keeping a dizzying array of projects on track and creative types on task. With her years of ad agency experience (we won’t say how many, it’s not polite) she insists on proper briefs, accuracy, practical common sense and delivering value on every project. She’s not called the Execution Queen for nothing. When not helping us hit it out of the park creatively, she’s hitting it into the rough on the golf course. (Not really – she’s so good Braden won’t play her).

  • Debra Clarke


    West Coast proud, prairie tough. That’s how Deb describes herself. We don’t know what it means, but it sure sounds impressive. What’s more impressive is how Deb has switched hats within CREW, moving from the Marketing side over to Creative. (Better snacks.) These days her mad multi-tasking skills are put to the test crafting copy while Cooper, her chipper little fur-friend, cadges doggie treats from designers. Deb’s biggest adjustment since moving? No room for her massive Minion collection.

  • Dylan Redekop

    Marketing Coordinator

    With his open nature, boundless energy, quiet efficiency and relentlessly positive attitude, Dylan has made a strong contribution to the Marketing team. That, and the fact he does a wickedly good job cleaning the staff kitchen every Wednesday. Dylan’s communication skills ensure projects run smoothly and everything is on track. He is also living proof that home brewing beer and long distance running are not incompatible. Although he only does half-marathons… full races cut into his beer time.

  • Graeme Horton

    Marketing Coordinator

    Graeme gets around. He grew up in Salmon Arm (literally, he’s 6’ 5”), has lived in England, consulted in Beijing, Shanghai and Nicaragua, gone on a business school exchange to Costa Rica, volunteered at a medical clinic in Nairobi and led basketball camps in the Philippines. Along the way he earned a BSc, an MBA and served on the boards of several non-profits. We truly value his international perspective and organizational chops. Not to mention the fact he can change the lightbulbs in our overheight ceiling without a ladder.

  • Ian Bray


    After working on accounts like ESSO, McDonald’s, Safeway, Sun-Rype, SUBWAY, TELUS and KAL Tire, Ian decided to get back to his writing roots at CREW. He brings decades of experience on everything from branding to commercial production, not to mention an almost arcane knowledge of contemporary music. When he’s not crafting campaigns or authoring articles, Ian is enjoying a break from volunteering on his kids’ activities to sit back and watch them be awesome. He also enjoys writing about himself in the third person.

  • Ian Hoyte


    Behind Ian’s quiet, helpful demeanor lies the screaming soul of a heavy metal frontman. Really. Today Ian prefers thrashing technical problems, wrestling with website rendering challenges and tattooing codebases with his own unique signature. He also has mad barbequing skills, as impressive as a KISS flamethrower, but without setting off any fire alarms. He also enjoys volunteering with a group supporting local art initiatives and still plays guitar for friends. But don’t request Kumbaya. Please. Don’t.

  • Jason Pettyjohn


    Jason uses his 15 years of experience to plumb the depths of all things digital. He’s master of everything web related – marketing, design, internal tools and a lot of really boring but essential nuts and bolts stuff. Oh, and he can fix the coffee maker. Essentially, he’s our own Level 9 Dark Wizard, keeping everything moving with a mystical mashup of insane NASA-level knowhow, MacGyver-like improvisational skills and duct tape. When he’s not building magnificent LEGO edifices with his kids, crushing his opponents at foosball or playing hockey, he’s exploring BC’s backcountry (and LEGO geocaching).

  • Jeff Harris

    Lead Developer

    Jeff exudes a zen-like calm that some people interpret as zoning out, but in fact, in his head, Jeff has already broken the situation down into its component code and rewritten it to provide the perfect, most cost-effective workaround. Jeff really knows his digital stuff, always keeping ahead of new technologies, techniques and really, really cool apps. And how did he develop these amazing digital skills? A decade wrapping his digits around a five iron as a golf pro. Hey, whatever gets you on the green, dude.

  • Jessica McCullough

    Marketing Coordinator

    Jessica understands the concept of teamwork, having thrashed her way to several CIS University hockey championship finals. This hard-charging experience is quite beneficial to Josh in Kelowna, although he often has to ask her to leave her helmet off when meeting clients. Jessica thrives on the day-to-day challenges of a start-up office because it allows her to expand her skill sets and learn skills that go beyond the scope of her BBA. Like planning digital campaigns and optimizing stapler selection.

  • Kaitlyn Krois

    Marketing Coordinator

    Kaitlyn’s smiling face is not new to us. She interned here while finishing her Marketing Management degree at BCIT. We thought she was pretty special back then and when the opportunity presented itself, we brought her on board. When not overseeing the multitude of mindboggling minutiae involved with packaging she can be overheard quoting lines from Jim Henson movies and old-school rap songs. Bet you like Kermit and Kriss Kross best, Kaitlyn.

  • Kimberly Elkington

    Senior Designer

    Although a West Coaster since 2010, Kim remains a Prairie girl at heart. (Except for the snow. No snow.) Before joining CREW she developed her craft at a few Regina design studios and brings her award-winning expertise to package design and logo creation. Kim has an incredible focus which allows her to intuitively understand the visual essence of a brand and express its unique identity. When not creating stunning graphics and inspired concepts, Kim can be found spoiling her favourite furbaby, Ella.

  • Linda DeRuiter

    Digital Marketing Specialist

    Combining her expertise in Information Technology (she’s a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer) with eight years of teaching, Linda is able to clearly articulate her social media plans, online marketing campaigns and SEO strategies. Then come up with a plan to make it all work with traditional advertising. This insightful blend of algorithmic alchemy and digital legerdemain have helped elevate our clients’ online marketing results to new heights. And she has the Google analytics to prove it. Pay attention to her; there will be a test later.

  • Liz Govier

    Digital Designer

    Liz loves collaborating and problem solving with other designers and believes in high-touch client service. She has over a decade of impactful experience with the Toronto Roller Derby and now skates in the Okanagan League. Yes, you read that correctly. Roller derby. As in Kansas City Bomber and Whip It. When she’s not exploring the infinite array of creative work on Behance or planning her next cycling adventure, Liz can be spotted munching pickles on a stick. Honestly, we’re not making this stuff up.

  • Marjorie Ennis

    Marketing Coordinator

    Forsaking the more mundane professions of movie stand-in, TV news producer and gymnastics coach, Marjorie chose to hitch her wagon to our rising marketing star. One of the clinchers for her was how the closest Starbucks to our office produced a near perfect Soy Matcha Green Tea Latté. Although a confirmed cat person, Marjorie champions the Downward Facing Dog at her yoga studio, which contributes to the gracious flexibility and gentle positivity she brings to our workplace.

  • Mark Klausen

    Marketing Manager

    Joining CREW in 2014, Mark has made himself right at home with clients, advising them on trends, products and approaches. He firmly believes that people’s need to be heard is an underlying cause of the world’s problems. So he works hard to hear past what’s being said to understand what’s really needed. He also loves it when clients experience the ‘sweet spot,’ where strategy and creative execution produce real results. Mark believes in the power of communication. And Broadway musicals.

  • Morgan Duke

    Marketing Manager

    This enthusiastic, efficient, world traveler has an almost zen-like knowledge of natural foods and consumer-packaged goods. Combine that with her laser-sharp focus on consumer trends, a BCIT Marketing Communications certificate and an International Relations degree, and you can see why we’re stoked to have Morgan on our team. This cheerful task-master loves to watch brands come to life – from an idea on a page to a package in the store. The only thing she likes better than that? Helping clients through the process so they can see the results for themselves.

  • Nick Froese

    Associate Producer & Post Production Supervisor

    Aside from the fact he has the longest and most epic job title in the company, Nick brings a very grounded and down-to-earth attitude to video production. His decade of film production experience makes him eminently qualified to shoot and produce a wide range of engaging video content. Nick’s passion for detail and planning is mirrored in his obsession for strategic board games and miniature fantasy battle recreations. Wait… what’s that crunching underfoot? Oops… looks like the Orcs win this one, Nick. Sorry.

  • Nicole Looper

    Currently on Maternity Leave

    Once the the go-to person for office administration, Nicole has successfully changed hats to become… the go-to person for new business development administration. This means she presides over presentation documents, rocks RFPs and juggles the schedules of the two Js (Jay and Jesse). Underneath her calm exterior and sweet demeanour lies an organized business mind (thanks to her BBA) which helps her complete a sometimes daunting workload. (Especially if you’ve met the dynamic duo).

  • Ricky Bandelin

    Digital Marketing Manager

    SEO optimization, marketing automation, PPC, predictive forecasting – Ricky knows all this stuff inside out. Which is great because nobody here knows what he’s talking about half the time. He enjoys tough challenges and pursuing the best solution to a problem. Ricky’s professional background includes an array of customer-focused disciplines including brand re-positioning, strategic planning and product development. And tea. He’s steeped in his family’s tea business and knows his lapsang from his oolong.

  • Rose Atkinson

    Office Manager

    Aside from her varied duties keeping the CREW quarters shipshape and everyone on track, Rose adds the titles CFO (Chief Food Officer) and BDW (Braden Douglas Wrangler) to her growing roster of responsibilities. Keeping Braden’s demanding schedule under control is certainly a challenge, but it’s one Rose rises to easily. Especially when she’s wearing her rather stylish footwear (which she seems to have an endless supply of). We wonder if she dons Vera Wang to go geo-caching with her grandkids.

  • Steffen Janzen


    Steffen is that rare and unusual animal – an agency account person who has successfully transformed into a full-fledged creative. As such, he provides the valuable balance between strategic direction and creative possibilities. After years of creating and managing cross-media advertising campaigns, Steffen specialized in film production, currently leading CREW’s video marketing initiatives. When he’s not on-set or in the studio, Steffen’s active in the Vancouver arts community, serving on the Board of Pacific Theatre.

  • Stephanie Wasden

    Office Administrator

    When it comes to outlining her work at CREW, Stephanie’s job description is woefully insufficient. A proactively positive force for good, this former California coast adventurer exudes competence and cheeriness (fueled by caffeine we suspect). Her work ethic is relentless and her efficiency would be quite frankly frightening if she wasn’t such a lovely person. Clients love her. (Okay, us too). Stephanie’s personal passions include Pinterest, puppies and pico de gallo (not necessarily in that order). Oh, and staying fit.