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Are you passionate about marketing strategy, continuous improvement and data-driven marketing? Let’s talk.

CREW Marketing Partners is an award winning, full-service marketing firm with offices across Canada. You’ll find our team in places like Surrey BC, Kelowna BC, and Oakville ONT.

We are currently seeking a full-time Digital Marketing Strategist to join our Surrey office.

What does a Digital Marketing Strategist do? Well, at CREW they are responsible for helping our clients achieve strategic brand and business objectives. They work with internal marketing teams and clients (providing guidance), they oversee the execution of strategies, and they get their hands dirty too.

Here’s what you can expect…


First and foremost we’re here to help our clients succeed. At CREW, we endeavour to do our jobs with entrepreneurial spirit, resourcefulness, creativity and positivity. We’ve got a bold vision in that we want to do some good in the world. And the way we’ll do that is through the clients we work with. But we need your help and expertise.

Day-to-day, you can expect to be doing at least one (or all) of the following…

  • Reviewing/Analyzing the current-state of a client’s digital marketing. Are they following best practices? Are they getting the expected results? Is the client missing something? You’ll break it all down and find the issues and opportunities.
  • Conducting research. You’ll conduct keyword research and perform audits. The findings and insights are used to support sales teams, to make strategic recommendations, or to optimize campaigns.
  • Putting forth strategic recommendations. First, you take into consideration stakeholder needs and personalities, budgets, target audience(s), timing, internal & external capabilities and other constraints. Then, you present a jaw-dropping plan of action. Finally, you wait for the inevitable slow clap.
  • Organizing internal and/or external specialists to assist in executing the work. Your inner project-manager can’t help itself; it starts to look at resource availability, and timelines. Your fingers begin to tap away uncontrollably, setting expectations, delegating work, and sending calendar invites.  Colleagues refer to you as a “Digital Symphony Conductor.”
  • Getting your hands dirty.  Nobody to do the work? No problem. You roll up your sleeves and grab the bull by the horns. Setting up and optimizing paid search, video and display campaigns. This isn’t your first rodeo.
  • Analyzing what’s happening. Using platforms like and Google Analytics, you develop and deliver reports. You take proactive ownership of campaign results, making value-added recommendations as time goes on.
  • Communicating insights, for a variety of stakeholders, including internal marketing team members and clients.
  • Using Google Analytics and GTM. You set-up proper conversion tracking on websites and landing pages.
  • Show continuous growth. You stay current on the latest developments in digital marketing trends & tools. You love to share the knowledge you’ve obtained with pretty much whoever will listen. “Grandma! You’ll never guess what Google did with their algorithm!”


Ok, we get it. Not everyone is a multi-skilled digital-unicorn, but for primary consideration, you’ll bring a good chunk of the following skills to the table:

  • You have at least 5 years of hands-on experience in a digital marketing capacity, agency or otherwise.
  • You are comfortable in a client-facing environment.
  • You have an ability to form and communicate logical, strategic campaign recommendations.
  • You’re bursting with big ideas to help solve problems.
  • You have ability to multi-task, delegate and meet deadlines in a fast-paced environment;
  • You have great time management, organizational, interpersonal and analytical skills;
  • You can sense when brand, creative or messaging might be off.
  • You approach digital marketing with a “test & assess” methodology.
  • You understand conversion rate factors, and can analyze landing pages and funnels.
  • You have proven expertise in online ad campaign development including search ads, display ads, remarketing and email automation.
  • You have in-depth knowledge of the following platforms: Google Adwords, Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Google Tag Manager, Facebook Business Manager.
  • Driven by results and strive for excellence.


These skills are icing on the cake. They aren’t required, but if you can check off even a couple of these boxes, we’ll be super excited to meet you!

  • You have experience with LinkedIn Ads Manager, Bing Ads Manager, SnapChat, and other ad platforms.
  • You know your DSPs, from your SSPs, and DMPs.
  • You love developing content. Maybe you’ve published a personal blog, produced videos, or have Kardashian-level social media skills.
  • You develop influencer campaigns in your sleep.
  • You have familiarity with Unbounce.
  • You know your way around Hootsuite (or equivalent software).
  • You have one or more Google Analytics or AdWords certifications.
  • Editing HTML, CSS, Javascript is no big deal to you.
  • You are secretly a skilled designer, and comfortable using Photoshop.
  • You have experience with Business Intelligence Dashboards (Eg.,, etc);
  • You enjoy planning & mapping strategic email/marketing automations.
  • Your best friend is a chat-bot you built in your spare time.


If you want to know more about our culture, just visit our Instagram page where you’ll be able to get a taste of what life at CREW is like.

CREW is an equal opportunity employer, and provides a competitive salary and benefits package, all in a fun and challenging work environment. All communication will be confidential.

Are you ready to be a part of something that’s growing and doing good in the world?  Then please reach out. 

Send your cover letter and resume to as soon as possible.

Please include in the subject line “Your Name // Digital Marketing Strategist // Surrey”.


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