ActiveCo, a managed IT service provider, helps businesses with limited IT resources increase productivity and performance by leveraging technology and providing IT support/services. A leading provider of IT solutions throughout British Columbia since 1999, ActiveCo was ready for growth.

Accelerating Growth

To capitalize on industry knowledge and focus advertising efforts, we recommended that ActiveCo target businesses in specific industries. To achieve this, they needed to stand out in the managed IT services sector. A refreshed brand added credibility and was more reflective of the company’s vision and values while a strategic marketing campaign with high-touch promotional tactics better-leveraged sales leads and cold-calling opportunities. This also tightened the focus on the company’s unique service offerings, which included the ActiveCo Formula – a unique IT support process for increasing productivity and performance.

  • Out-Of-The Box Direct Mail Campaign

    To better qualify potential leads, we developed a two-tier direct mail campaign for ActiveCo notifying prospects of upcoming seminars. The first tier received a postcard with a strong call-to-action. The second tier received a branded box with a high-value add-on USB “car key” to further drive engagement.

  • Managed Email Communications

    Among prospective clients, we wanted to position ActiveCo as proactive industry leaders. A series of informational TechBoost seminars were presented to help achieve this while further encouraging networking opportunities. Each seminar was hosted by ActiveCo and featured keynote speakers from the IT industry. To help drive engagement to these seminars, we managed a targeted, multi-tiered, responsive email campaign.

  • Refined Sales Process

    ActiveCo’s existing sales process needed refinement to better support their business development efforts. Key brand collateral pieces were developed, including a sales brochure and a company proposal. We also enhanced their on-boarding client binder.

Powerful Results

Launched in the fall of 2015, the marketing and promotional campaigns have proven to be great successes. The performance-driven brand and refocused campaign tactics were enthusiastically supported internally by ActiveCo team members, which also helped drive engagement and awareness. In addition to serving as an information source and place of reference, the new website also assists with assessment, which aids in attracting higher-calibre clients. Overall, ActiveCo has seen an unprecedented year of growth, with year-to-date targets exceeded.

Results are in the details