Kara Sam started Bucha Brew as a way to share her crazy love of kombucha. Already successful selling her product in bottles and on draft, she wanted to launch a line of tropical flavours in cans. Fast.

The Ask

CREW was tasked to develop strong labelling for three tropical SKUs that would stand out on shelf. The direction was to appeal to female consumers without being too niche. Tradeshow and sales materials were the next step once designs were finalized.


The Opportunity

Kombucha packaging has typically been conservative. This was a chance to introduce vibrant colours and a lush, exotic design to induce customers into trying the three new beach-worthy Bucha flavours.


Three cans were designed embracing a lush tropical floral motif with subtle colour gradation. There was a swift uptake by retailers, with the SKUs receiving premium placement in grab ‘n go coolers at store checkouts and convenience stores.

Can sales quickly became 50% of overall sales, prompting the company to switch over their entire line to cans from bottles.
The success of the tropical lines prompted the company to convert all regular flavours to cans.

The sales surge prompted the company to introduce Lite Kombucha,

an entirely new product and the first of its kind in this category.

In order to increase orders with retailers, a new sell sheet was created outlining the entire new SKU line-up.

Bucha Brew was ready to launch at tradeshows around the world.

“I’d interviewed six or seven marketing companies but until I came to CREW I didn’t feel I connected with any of them. I can’t tell you how many people have told me how much they love the design. It’s a huge reason we’re in 7-Eleven and Sobeys Western Canada. When buyers see them it’s game over. They say ‘Those cans are beautiful. I know they’re going to sell.’”

Kara Sam, President & Founder Bucha Brew