The BC Chicken Marketing Board and BC Chicken Growers’ Association represent chicken farmers and oversee the production of chicken in British Columbia. In 2014 they changed the conversation about farming practices with a groundbreaking online campaign.

Myth Busters

64% of British Columbians believe 
that hormones and steroids are added to the chicken they eat. In reality, the use of hormones and steroids in Canadian poultry has been banned for over fifty years with a stringent provincial and federal licensing and inspection regime to enforce those laws. Faced with growing distrust of local farmers and an abundance of confusing information coming from south of the border, a radical strategy was required to turn the tide of misinformation.

  • Research & Test

    Investing heavily in research and creative testing laid the groundwork for a successful campaign and provided the confidence necessary to take creative risks. An omnibus survey and focus group testing shaped everything from which audience to target (men aged 18-34), which creative concept to use, and how to rollout the campaign online.

  • Fearless Creative

    Targeting millennials meant we needed a creative concept that would cut through the clutter, engaging our target audience with relevant and entertaining content. That’s where the concept of a parody-style online campaign featuring the Real Chicken Farmers of BC was born.

  • Online Video

    With stats like 18-35 year-olds makeup 90% of online video consumption it was clear that online video would be at the core of our strategy. CREW developed a 10-episode video series that followed real chicken farmers on their journey to the big screen, producing a parody action movie trailer.

  • Social Engagement

    92% of mobile video viewers share videos with others, so leveraging social media was key to the success of our videos. A staggered roll-out of the videos with a countdown to the release of the official movie trailer built excitement and anticipation ahead of the launch.

  • Blogger Buzz

    Bloggers were engaged to cover the campaign, driving social conversations and significantly boosting SEO rankings. A sweepstakes contest gave members of the public the chance to tour a chicken farm and attend our movie premier with bloggers, media personalities, celebrity chefs and local VIPs. Finally, our bloggers participated in a virtual Twitter party where chicken farmers answered questions from the public.

  • In-Store Extensions

    After the success of the online video campaign, the Chicken Squad was brought into over a dozen Save-On-Foods across the province for a weekend blitz. Farmers came out to meet the public, answer their questions and, of course, serve up some delicious BC chicken, helping to further debunk the myths consumers believe.

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    accounts reached on Twitter

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    of BC men aged 18-34 saw our videos online

A Feather in the Cap

With over a million views on YouTube, local and international press coverage and independent research demonstrating strong message recall among those who saw our videos, Chicken Squad has been successfully changing the conversation about chicken farmers and farming practices in BC. Keep an eye open for more appearances by the Chicken Squad in the future.

  • On the day of its launch, the Chicken Squad movie trailer was featured on  Global TV morning and evening news
  • A Chicken Squad Twitter Party reached 126,065 accounts and had over 1,286,566 impressions
  • Chicken Squad was featured on over 16 prominent BC blogs including Vancity Buzz, Vancouver is Awesome and
  • Chicken Squad received local and international print coverage including in The Province, Chilliwack Times, Modern Agriculture and The International Meat Packing Journal
  • In addition to YouTube, 472,023 people were reached on Facebook with an advertising campaign.
  • The BC Chicken Squad website received 36,744 unique visitors in 2014
  • 64% of men aged 18-34 who had seen our videos agreed when surveyed that chicken raised in BC can be trusted to be free of hormones and steroids

"CREW came up with a concept that was totally out of the box for us and it worked wonders. Our Chicken Squad campaign has been wildly successful, achieving everything we were hoping for and more. It's a campaign people won't forget!"

Ravi Bathe, President BC Chicken Growers' Association

"I appreciate the time CREW took to understand our needs as a non-profit industry organization, quickly and intuitively capturing what we wanted to do. We were especially impressed with CREW’s flexibility during the implementation, allowing the campaign to reach many more than anticipated."

Cheryl Davie BC Chicken Marketing Board

Results are in the details

We built a fully responsive and engaging website for Chicken Squad.

The production starred real chicken farmers and their families. The movie premiere party was a family affair, too (so the VIPs and celebrities would feel right at home).

The multi-chapter online Chicken Squad saga launched with a Hollywood style gala event.

We created an action-packed trailer for the upcoming movie Chicken Squad.

We also produced a series of Behind the Scenes videos as enriched content for a YouTube campaign.

The ‘Making Of’ videos generated increased traffic for the movie trailer.