Truck operators are always under pressure to meet deadlines and since 2004, CSI Services has done their bit by helping them keep tankers and fleet equipment clean, compliant, and maintained through timely and efficient service. At both their service facility, in Red Deer, Alberta as well as using their mobile unit, CSI clean and maintain all types of tanks and fleet equipment as well as perform tanker inspections, re-certifications, and general automotive and maintenance services. By offering all of these services in one location, they save customers both time and money.

The Ask: Provide long term organizational direction to the CSI Services team and build a new B2B marketing strategy.

CSI Services satisfies the many unique needs of both truck operators and tank and fleet owners but had not clearly communicated all of their services to either existing or new customers who were potentially unaware of the value CSI Services could provide. With CREW’s support, president Blair Nielsen and the CSI team were able to focus on what was really of value to this market, establish clear messaging, as well as create actionable sales and marketing strategies.

  • Organizational Overview

    CREW worked closely with CSI to create clear mission and vision statements in addition to core values and objectives, which could be communicated both internally and externally. This provided clarity as to the organizational objectives moving forward and created a framework for all future marketing and sales strategies to be measured against.

  • Target Audience Identification

    Using CREW’s unique discovery process, the CSI team came up with both primary and secondary target audiences to focus their marketing and sales efforts on. In addition to identifying them, the team listed what was most valuable to these audiences, and how CSI could create specific messaging and offers that would resonate and increase sales.

  • Positioning

    Since speed and simplicity were identified as key differentiators and important to the target audience, CREW made recommendations for a new brand image that could be implemented within marketing materials, the CSI trucks and office, as well as new staff uniforms and merchandise. The theme “Pit Crew” utilized the design of black and white checkers and race flags to denote speed and precision. The positioning line “Get in, get out, get at it” communicated this concept as well.

  • Promotional Strategy

    To build awareness of CSI and its services, both direct mail and email campaigns to close-proximity prospects were recommended in tandem with vehicle signage updates, and digital and out-of-home (OOH) advertising. In order to increase both new and repeat business, several sales tactics were also developed, such as the bundling of services and discounts. Finally, Customer Appreciation Events and correspondence, in addition to Loyalty and Referral Programs, were recommended in order to encourage repeat business.

  • Action Plan

    A detailed action plan was developed, including a step by step guide as to what needed to be done from a promotional and operational standpoint, in order to execute both the marketing and sales strategies. This also included a detailed annual promotional calendar.

Speed, precision, and staying the course.

Today, CREW continues to provide guidance to the leadership team and help support them in achieving their objectives. As a result of CREW’s work with CSI Services, the company’s new mission, vision and values have been adopted and promoted and the marketing messaging and sales strategies that the entire team helped to build have been launched. In our books, that is a first-place finish!

“We invited CREW to our annual team meeting to help us focus our identity and express the ‘why’ of what we do. It is easy to get pulled in many directions and pursuing too many rabbit trails, but the work CREW has done has been integral to maintaining our value-added focus and helping us to increase sales”.

Blair Nielson, President CSI Services