Donia Farms is a third generation dairy farm founded in 1955 by immigrants from the Netherlands in search of a better life. They brought principles of hard work, integrity, and respect for the animals they cared for and the land they farmed.

Diversifying Dairy

Donia Farms came to CREW with a desire to diversify their dairy business by launching a new line of kefir products. Kefir is like a drinkable yoghurt with strong European roots, but relatively new to the North American market.

Start with the Plan

Launching a new product offering is a significant undertaking, and one that requires a solid plan. In order to secure “innovation quota” from the Canadian Dairy Commission, Donia Farms needed a comprehensive marketing strategy and market evaluation. CREW did the product analysis, consumer research, market volume metrics, distribution strategy, brand and packaging development, as well as promotional budget to pave the way for a successful product launch.

  • Getting Branded

    We began by crafting a brand identity for Donia Farms, creating a logo that reflects the essence of a modern farm family while giving homage to the rich, multi-generation family heritage.

  • Aisle Appeal

    Carefully considering competitors and Donia's desired position in the market we designed packaging that used a sophisticated and differentiated colour palette to gain on-shelf attention.

  • Web Fodder

    A strong digital presence laid the foundation for the Kefir product launch. A website with product landing pages, store locators and engaging videos and photos introduced the Donia Farms brand to consumers.

  • In the Field

    A product isn't launched until it's selling in stores. As Donia began picking up distribution we supported them with in-store signage for sampling events and on-product coupons.

  • Moo-ving Awareness

    The final, and perhaps most important step, has been the ongoing work of building brand and product awareness. Highly targeted Facebook, YouTube Pre-Roll, Google, and radio advertising is sharing the story of Donia Farms Kefir.

  • Family Spokesperson

    As a family run farm, it was important to choose a family member to be the spokesperson for the brand. Kelsey Van Keulen was the ideal candidate as a member of the third generation, sympathetic to our target audience of active women.

Udder Success

Any new venture has its challenges, and Donia Farms is still in the initial stages of gaining product distribution, but early listings, sales and category growth show strong potential. A new advertising push will be launching in summer 2015 along with greater distribution across BC. CREW is excited to be building yet another local family-run business into a recognized household brand.

"CREW took time to learn not only about our vision, but also our roots as a business. They developed a first class marketing plan anchored by packaging design with excellent shelf appeal."

David van Keulen Donia Farms

Results are in the details