In 2010 Globe Printers went from being our trusted supplier to a becoming a valued client. The initial success of our Results Made Easy campaign yielded 20% sales growth and 52 new clients within the first three months. But that was then. Five years later Globe needed to attract new business and re-engage lapsed clients to meet its aggressive growth targets.


In 2015, of the five industries making up 60% of Globe’s sales south of the Fraser, Manufacturing and Wholesale was the largest and most profitable. BC’s manufacturing industry grew between 1.3% and 6.99% in five years and in 2015 generated $609 billion in sales. With this tremendous growth potential, we recommended Globe initially focus sales efforts on this sector.

  • First Impressions Are Important

    First impressions are important in life – and in business. A printed piece is often someone’s first exposure to a company. To make the best first impression, everything must be perfect. Because you never get a second chance to make a first impression.

  • Sales Force Faces Forward

    To dramatize (and humanize) this point, a humorous example of what a slightly skewed first personal impression is like makes the analogy of an imperfectly printed piece. We presented a ‘First Impression’ headshot of a smiling person with something slightly wrong, like a speck of salad in their teeth. To make it more interesting, the sales staff themselves posed for the pictures in the digital and direct mail campaigns.

  • Digital Campaign

    A digital ad campaign featuring the ‘funny’ rep images was targeted at manufacturing. The ads linked to a custom landing page featuring all the reps’ skewed portraits (mousing over each image produced a more flattering portrait). The offer of a “Print Planning Consultation” with a Globe Print Rep showed the visitor that Globe could simplify their jobs and save them money. We also set up a quarterly e-newsletter.


The First Impressions campaign is ongoing, but all reports say it’s made a great first impression so far. New and potential clients enjoy the light-hearted approach and the message that Globe takes care of the details for every print project from start to finish is resonating.

Results are in the details

Bus Bench Ads

First Impressions Kit

“First Impressions Shipping Box” mis-printed with conflicting THIS WAY UP directions.

Inside was a sheet introducing their individual sales rep (yes, the funny one).

Included in the box was a collection of Globe branded products to help individuals make a great first impression.