Since 1990, Organika has been quietly growing in the vitamin and dietary supplement space, marketing hundreds of different products across Canada. Their goal was to build brand awareness in order to get additional listings in major grocery chains as well as natural food retailers and drug stores.

Refocus, rebrand and repackage.

The company had grown organically, adding different products in different sizes at different times without organized branding structure or packaging guidelines. As a result, their on-shelf presentation was cluttered and inconsistent. We began by helping weed out low-performing skus and establishing a consistent branding across all products.  We then helped them concentrate their marketing focus on a handful of their most promising and profitable products to create messaging that emphasized the benefits of each product.

  • Refine the Branding

    We refined their existing wordmark, added a soft but distinctive watercolour icon, decluttered their messaging hierarchy and established packaging and branding guidelines.

  • Define the Benefit

    The company’s image line ‘Truth in a Bottle’ didn’t reflect its mission to deliver health and wellness solutions based on traditional natural healing wisdom. The new line became Your Natural Solution and all messaging was benefit-driven.

  • Rework the Website

    In order to make it easier for consumers to find Their Natural Solution, we rebuilt the website to ask visitors what their health complaint was. After typing in their response, relevant products instantly appeared.

  • Drive Digital Strategy

    We built video and email templates and campaigns to promote products on the web as well as through a targeted email campaign. The goal was to increase conversions and help consumers find where the products are sold.

  • Optimized Landing Pages

    We designed a landing page template following industry best practices for maximum conversions, conducting tracking tests to determine how consumers were using the pages; how long and where they stayed on the page.

  • 0 %

    increase in Find Online Retailer conversions

  • 0 %

    email open rate after 2 months (industry average 13.2%)

  • 0 %

    site traffic increase YOY

Strong shelf appeal, online traffic and brand engagement

In less than a year, website traffic increased by 70%, organic search traffic increased by 81% and direct search was up by 51%. Listings picked up across Canada and the brand guidelines we produced have enabled the company to become more consistent as they roll out the new brand packaging on other products. Pretty healthy results, we’d say.

Results are in the details