CREW partnered with Predator Ridge in Kelowna to launch the Whitetail development, the first neighborhood featuring a new architectural design. The strategy began with a grassroots appeal to honor current residents and entice new interest.

  • Start Small, Make a Big Impression

    Branded SUV’s helped tease the new neighborhood by touring through major events and downtown city streets prior to the big events.

  • Building Anticipation + Excitement

    An exclusive launch event was held for current homeowners and residents, showcasing innovative architectural design. This also gave everyone a sneak peek at the new neighborhood and built excitement for what was to come. Hand-crafted invitations were hand delivered to every homeowner. The public launch was a gala evening reserved for those who had registered in advance, giving them first access to lots, design guides and build details.

  • Online Campaigns Drive Results

    Using targeted PPC ads and Facebook advertising, we promoted the neighborhood launch and helped secure over 450 registrants to the actual event.

Results are in the details