RDM Lawyers has grown from a firm of just three lawyers more than 40 years ago to a team of over 50 staff and lawyers today, becoming the premier law firm in Abbotsford.

Help Differentiate a Local Law Firm

As a full-service law firm with numerous areas of specialization, RDM Lawyers was facing the ongoing challenge of communicating who they were and what they do. CREW was brought on in 2011 to help RDM articulate the life-long value they provide to clients and increase brand recognition in the community.

  • Communicating Lifetime Value

    A new positioning line, “Your lawyers for life” highlighted both the value RDM provides clients – being able to provide all the law services a person needs in their lifetime – and the personal yet professional tone of the brand.

  • Investing in the Relationship

    Regular communication is essential to any relationship. CREW helped launch a quarterly e-newsletter to keep RDM top-of-mind with past, current and prospective clients by providing practical law advice.

  • Hitting the Airwaves

    You can have the best law firm in the country, but if people don’t know you exist, it won’t do you much good. CREW has executed a number of advertising campaigns using local media such as transit, newsprint and radio.

  • Leveraging Online Video

    A significant investment in online videos has increased the quality and relevance of their website content as well as opened up a new and highly successful channel of advertising for RDM on YouTube and Facebook.

  • SEO & Website

    A new website and ongoing SEO optimization have positioned RDM for success in the digital age and regularly bring in new clients from online leads.

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    growth in local brand awareness since 2011

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    believe RDM is approachable and friendly

A Legal Firm Becomes a Very Human Brand

Our marketing strategy has given RDM a renewed and more accessible presence in the local community. We’re increasing the number of people in Abbotsford and Mission who know there is a team of approachable, friendly lawyers who will provide the best possible suite of law services, no matter where they are in life.

  • We’ve been able to track new cases being opened as a direct result of marketing initiatives and ad campaigns, up significantly YOY
  • There’s been 22% increase in organic search traffic since 2013
  • RDM has experienced a tenfold increase in their social media presence
  • RDM is consistently ranked #1 in Google search engine results for “Abbotsford Lawyers

"CREW has been both creative in promoting our brand and technically sharp when it comes to maximizing our online presence. Partnering with CREW has been one of our most successful strategic decisions."

Doug Lester RDM Lawyers LLP

Results are in the details

We created a series of online videos that took a more human approach to very personal issues.