Silver Hills Bakery began in 1989 at a wellness resort in BC’s Okanagan Valley. The bakery was born out of the guesthouse owners’ desire to inspire healthier living through healthier choices. 25 years later, Silver Hills has grown into Canada’s #1 sprouted organic bread.

The Ask: Reimagine a Classic

After CREW had helped Silver Hills Bakery successfully transition from regional player to North American brand leader, Stan and his team tasked us with re-energizing their vision to further build brand awareness and increase sales volume. Silver Hills Bakery’s hallmark packaging required a new strategic approach as it had begun to lose its unique shelf-appeal and differentiated position amidst similarly “inspired” imitation brands. Product lines and offerings were redefined as was a reimagined interpretation of a highly recognizable “classic”.

The Power to Rise

The fact that their bread products are made from sprouted whole grains is the key attribute that has consistently distinguished Silver Hills Bakery from the competition. Unfortunately, awareness levels among consumers as to the health benefits of sprouted whole grains were relatively low. In response to this, the decision was made to clarify the messaging of the product to focus almost solely on this benefit. Instead of introducing a new benefit button, a more radical approach was required.

  • Sprouted Power

    The product packaging was the number one opportunity to communicate the benefits of sprouting to consumers. Packaging was revisited to introduce “100% Sprouted Power” featuring reworked illustrations of individuals living healthy lifestyles thanks to the unlocking of their ‘sprouted power’.

  • A Bread for Everyone

    To ensure there were products for the whole family and to broaden appeal among consumers switching from more traditional mainstream bread, the “Organic Sprouted Power” line-up was introduced in an array of proven family favorites: Wheat, Multigrain, Rye and the always-popular Cinnamon Raisin.

  • Digital Distribution

    Taking this new message of “sprouted power” to the masses required a comprehensive digital media buy with videos featuring our new animated characters engaging in the healthy lifestyles they symbolized. Extensive influencer engagement was further solidified through media buys on favorite social media channels.

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    average YOY sales growth

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    increase in US regional distribution

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    increase in total website traffic for Silver Hills

Sprouted Success

The newly-reimagined packaging was a resounding success at retail stores across Canada and the US, serving as the foundation for both a reinvigorated brand and increased sales volume. The decade-long partnership between Silver Hills Bakery and CREW continues to evolve: in addition to the massive increase in sales, we’re building a more engaged fan base, launching exciting new products and increasing the brand’s footprint across North America.

"CREW’s strong understanding of marketing helped us create a plan and stick to it, delivering a consistent marketing message with consistent results. CREW is a pleasure to work with."

Stan Smith, Co-Owner Silver Hills Bakery

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