A family owned and operated company, SunSelect has always brought a passion for what they grow to the greenhouse industry. It was time their quiet dedication was celebrated.

Fresh Recognition

After years of quiet growth, SunSelect wanted to be recognized as the leader they were in the industry. The only Fair Trade certified greenhouse operation in Canada, SunSelect was already pioneering innovative environmental and socially responsible growing practices. In order to expand, customers and growers needed to know about the extremes SunSelect goes to deliver consistently fresh produce.

  • Outrageously Fresh

    SunSelect goes to extremes to create efficient and innovative technology that delivers the freshest produce to store shelves as fast as possible. Everything they do, from being environmentally friendly to treating workers well is directed at delivering a rocksteady supply of the freshest stuff. We developed a new positioning line to communicate this outrageous level of dedication.

  • Commanding Colours

    An Outrageous brand needs colours to match. Gaining inspiration from game-changing artists of the past, the energetic, warm and lively colours bring excitement and freshness to everyday produce. Different shades add depth to the tonal palette, reinforcing the sensory experience when the cases are stacked together in-store or purchased individually.

  • Innovative Application

    SunSelect brought an exclusive mason jar package to the table. In collaboration with Schur Packaging and SunSelect, CREW helped bring the outrageous concept to life by applying the new branding. With packaging as innovative as the environmental and social initiatives SunSelect has in place, the brand is well positioned for growth.

Trafficking Attention

Outrageously Fresh launched at the International PMA Fresh Summit in Georgia, October 2015, creating significant noise. Bolstered by brand new packaging and a revamped exhibit experience, Sunselect had its most successful tradeshow to date. The positive response is translating into increased sales and distribution across North America.

“CREW helped transform our brand image from conservative to Outrageous with a unique, vibrant brand and packaging that positioned us to become an innovative market leader. The positive response from our customers is resulting in increased sales and distribution of our products throughout North America.”

Mike Reed, Chief BDO / EVP Sales and Marketing SunSelect Produce, Inc.

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