Insights | February 21, 2019

Developing a Marketing Strategy in 2019

“Marketing Strategy is more than great creative.”

By Josh Cairns

No matter the cycles of your particular business or when your fiscal year ends, planning out your next year of marketing activities can be a difficult process and the heavy lifting often falls to the entrepreneur or leadership team. For developing a corporate strategic plan there are many great frameworks available like P&G’s OGSM (Objectives, Goals, Strategies and Measures) or Vern Harnish’s Rockefellar Habits OPSP (One Page Strategic Plan) to name a few.

One trend we see is that the planning process often uncovers a marketing need, like the need to increase awareness, strategize against new market entrants, or push out new innovations or product lines. Answering these questions and others like them often involve developing a marketing strategy.

Trust the process.

While the OGSM and OPSP frameworks are great at leading corporate strategy, marketing strategy still remains a mystery for many. Consultants and agencies all have different approaches and unless you’re a marketing strategist, it’s hard to assess the quality of a brand or promotional strategy. At CREW, we developed our 8 Step Strategy Process over a decade ago and have successfully applied it to hundreds of clients and business models since. Here’s what you need to know:

  • All strong companies are built on a solid foundation starting with the mission, vision, values and key objectives for the upcoming fiscal.
  • Our first step is aligning on these critical elements. This should be understood and lived out by your entire staff, not just printed on the wall somewhere.
  • With a solid internal foundation, we look to assess the business, the market, the target audience, the competitive landscape, define a unique value proposition, support the sales and distribution process and derive some strategic insights. These are steps 2-5 in our core marketing process.
  • With a strategic foundation in place and some key insights uncovered along the way, it’s time to develop a promotional plan that will inspire our audience to take action, connect with them in the right channels and empower them to engage authentically.
  • This is the phase that people often think of when you mention marketing, but to get the results you want it must be anchored to a solid strategy.

Engage a partner.

Whether you have no marketing team in-house or a small team that is looking to grow, our marketing process has helped entrepreneurs scale their businesses across a number of verticals including CPG, manufacturing, professional services and real estate. Don’t wait to the last minute because failing to prepare is preparing to fail. Put a solid strategy in place and follow through with disciplined execution to achieve the growth you’re striving for in 2019. And if you’re looking for a second opinion or some guidance on how to proceed, reach out and we’ll set up a meeting to get you started.