Bucha Brew

A vibrant packaging update.

Client Bucha Brew
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Challenging the category leaders.

In a crowded market, Bucha Brew needed to differentiate, build brand awareness, and make sure they stood out in the drink cooler.


Ditch the bottle; embrace the can.

We shifted from a standard glass bottle, typical for kombucha, to cans for 3 new SKU's and updated the brand to be colourful, vibrant, fun and bubbly - just like the drink inside.

Now the leader.

With the introduction of Lite Kombucha, Bucha Brew launched an entirely new product and the first of its kind in this category.

I can’t tell you how many people have said they love the design. It’s a huge reason we’re in 7-Eleven and Sobeys. When buyers see them, it’s game over."

Kara Sam Bucha Brew

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