A brand-new product in need of a stand-out identity.

Client Buck
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  • Branding
  • Packaging

Creating a distinctive brand with a two-fold mission.

As a new player with no precedent set in the highly-crowded, competitive market of non-dairy beverages, BUCK was confident about their flavours and nutritional value. We just needed it to stand out on a crowded shelf and keep people coming back, and to convince prospective investors the product is positioned for growth.


Start with the foundations.

With no precedent yet set in the category, defining the Mission, Vision & Values for the Brand came first. From there we needed to identify the target audience & market, as well as the unique values that distinguish BUCK from the competition.


Positioned as a nutritional superdrink and environmental powerhouse.

Separating BUCK from the pack meant creating a remarkable personality for the brand and its first key product in the market, setting the stage for further expansion and innovation.

Every inch of packaging is strategic and purposed. Simple, strikingly sexy and cool. From the front, only the bare essentials – leaving the sides for the benefits and nutritionals.

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