Building a winning brand for a competitive category.

Client Hardbite
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Take a stale brand with flat sales and low market share, and make it a category leader.

Hardbite had been in the market for about 10 years before it was sold to a new group of partners. Despite an excellent product, sales remained flat to declining in all channels. There was little innovation and no support in market to drive brand awareness. This had to change.


Reposition the entire brand and develop an identity that was more than just a chip.

We got to work developing a bold new identity that resonated with an influential target audience of millennials, a strong regional position that could expand nationally, new innovation, and cost-effective campaigns to drive awareness and trial.


Create a halo and dominate shelf space with product extensions while staying under the umbrella.


Hardbite remains one of the fastest-growing chip brands in the Natural Category growing over 4,000% in 11 years. Sales have now expanded across Canada, into the US, and Asia.

Crew has been an outstanding creative partner in developing and shaping the Hardbite brand from strategy to packaging to digital. They’ve been an integral part of our success."

Kirk Homenick, President Naturally Homegrown Foods (Hardbite)

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