Launching an upcycled snack with a major upside.

Client Kazoo
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Position the portfolio as snacks with an upside.

Instead of focusing on the waste, which can be unappetizing, we focused on taste with the benefits of upcycling – the opportunity to make the most out of our resources.


Taking a prototype and making it a reality.

With an innovative idea for a new type of snack, Kazoo needed a strategy that would launch their brand into the world to positively impact the environment, as well as support  a healthier diet.

Go where the people are.

Western USA was the perfect launch destination for the brand, with the highest Corn and Tortilla chips consumption combined by a large population density, high drought awareness, and a stronger affinity to natural foods.

Keep the brand fun & focused.

The brand and packaging were developed with balance in mind. Fun, appetizing, and affordable party snacks that also save 20 gallons of water per bag. Through the patent-pending upcycling process, more corn is used and fewer fields are needed.


Distribution success.

Listed with Hyvee, Market of Choice, Whole Foods and others across Western USA, Kazoo is positioned to grow.

Ready for a change?