Lou’s Kitchen

Getting front-of-mind at the right time.

Client Lou’s Kitchen
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When consumers think “bacon”, they’re not thinking peameal.

Get bacon lovers who crave the taste of bacon, but limit their intake, to consider peameal the next time they’re in store.


We needed inspiration to hit at the right time.

Our campaign focused on showing how good a meal made with peameal can be. Geo-targeting around retailers in Ontario listing Lou’s Peameal Bacon, we leveraged a multi-media, multi-platform approach to communicate with users at various touch points throughout their day.


During our 7 weeks campaign, we saw:

20.4M impressions

2.4M people reached via Meta

2.2M people reached via Google

+200% more efficient than media benchmarks

A mini-campaign with a big impact. 


Getting the product into the consumer’s hands and hearts.

Knowing that people buy with their stomachs, we knew we needed to get the product in front of the consumer, to get them craving that great taste and ease of use we knew they would come to love.


The best way to show them is to show them.

We knew we needed to be tactical and product-focused, highlighting ‘fast and easy to prepare’ to drive leadership and top-of-mind brand preference. Customer trial was key to the success of the campaign. We had to show just how quickly Lou’s satisfies those cravings.

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