A brand known for goodness continues to grow.

Client SunRype
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Evolving an already-strong, familiar portfolio to reach a wider audience.

An iconic brand in western Canada since the late 1950's, SunRype has grown and maintained a strong brand presence in juice and fruit snack aisles across Canada. As consumers shift their buying behaviour - more on-the-go snacking and refreshment beverage occasions - the company had to shift, as well.

Introducing Good Bites.

A totally new type of healthy on-the-go snack option for SunRype - and consumers all across the country ate them up.


Get visible. Let them see the goodness for themselves.

In-store demos and Instagram influencers helped showcase where to find the product in-store. Our creative approach explained how only a few simple ingredients created a good-for-you indulgence. Our stop-motion animation TV spot, radio, digital ads, and billboards all proclaimed  “Love at First Bite.” Best of all, it proved to be true.


Support Slim nationally.

To broaden the customer base and position Slim as an everyday beverage, we needed to market Slim as a guilt-free way to reward yourself. Our video campaign featured our target group ‘Taking 10’ in various situations. Retail featured prominent 10-themed shelf-displays and in-store sampling to drive awareness and trial. Executing a digital campaign with display and video, and targeting lifestyle influencers, we were able to bolster sales nationally.


sparkling tea.

An integrated campaign was designed to establish ownership around the unique taste attributes of Sparkling Tea. A series of cheeky transit posters, radio, digital ads and videos supported the idea that Sparkling Tea was….something else. Lifestyle influencers showcased the product as the must-have refreshment for summer get-togethers.


Sneak in the goodness.

Fruit Plus Veggie showed strong sales growth during our campaign highlighting the sneaking in of vegetables to every serving of juice.

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