Bringing focus and flavour to a ‘boring’ category.

Client Twigz
  • Strategy
  • Branding
  • Packaging


A pretzel this good needed its own segment.

The Twigz team had big ambitions to grow their family business into an international brand. They had the great tasting product, but their challenge was to get trial and onto retail shelves beyond their local roots. They needed to transform pretzels from a boring snack into something far more exciting and delicious.


Carve out shelf space by creating an entirely new and elevated pretzel category.

We gave Twigz a worthy descriptor: Craft Pretzels. Then, we developed a brand identity using floods of bold, fresh, and taste-enticing colours to distinguish between flavours.

  • Total sales increased +480% over 6 months post launch of new design.

  • Online Sales increased 100% first month after launch and 150% over first two months


“When Crew designed our new packaging, the bold, vibrant Twigz brand we had been imagining came to life. Our new packaging and rebrand allowed us to clearly communicate our story, and significantly increased our sales and growth. The Crew team has been a pleasure to work with, and we highly recommend.” – Ashley Ehmann, Co-Founder

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