We made impact our mission.

Since 2007, our work has been driven by the higher purpose of growing brands to impact lives. We’ve helped companies across the food value chain become global brands for good in their own ways and enjoy more rewards as a result.

Braden Douglas

/ Founding Partner

From an internship at Procter & Gamble to a successful career at Frito-Lay, Braden has always made things happen. Since founding Crew, he’s been a visionary, mentor, strategist and relentlessly positive cheerleader. As an author, he shares his knowledge with future leaders.

“Food is such an important aspect of people’s lives. You can make a real impact when you can strategically help farms, retailers and consumers make good decisions.”

Gerald Schoenhoff

/ Chief Creative Officer

Gerald’s shelf of national and international creative awards includes Gold Lions, Gold Pencils and a lot of little gold M’s. He’s been recognized for excellence in every medium and brings that talent to every project. His food/bev clients have included Coke, Sleeman, Crown Royal and Little Caesar’s.

“People are so passionate about food and drink, that it leads to the best and most insightful creative.”

Nate Douglas

/ Partner

Nate’s entire career has been in food, working on brands for McCain and Parmalat. With a deep understanding of consumer habits, campaign development and P&L improvements in the food space, he plays a key role and leads our efforts for growing and maturing food brands.

“Marketing shapes the world. I like shaping it in a positive and lasting way.”

Josh Cairns

/ Partner

Josh is the Columbus of Crew, exploring and opening new markets in the BC interior with a unique entrepreneurial approach. He loves showing potential clients what life looks like with an impact-focused approach to marketing – preferably while playing golf.

“My hope is to create impact for the brands we work with, and use their work to fuel our own impact initiatives.”

Karen Paradine

/ Director of Marketing Services

Karen brought a career’s worth of experience working with Tim Horton’s, Cadillac Fairview and Cossette to Crew. We were in awe of her talents then, and the wonder hasn’t ceased. Karen likes working with brands that give back and make a difference.

“My favourite part of the industry is demonstrating a product’s versatility with recipes.”

Brad Marshall

/ Director of Digital Marketing

Brad’s spent a decade helping brands like Lululemon and the JUNO Awards with strategic thinking, flawless execution and shorter sentences. He ran GOODSIR for 13 years and contributed as an expert to multiple industry publications. He‘s even been a respected local vintner.

“Connecting the pieces to help a business grow is incredibly satisfying. The solutions are rarely obvious, so getting to them is quite validating.”

Giuseppe Simpatico

/ Director of Web Platforms

When Crew acquired GOODSIR in 2016, we were privileged to gain Giuseppe, it’s Creative Director, Graphic Designer and Owner. Using 16 years of digital experience in programming, design and management, he leads the development of immersive online experiences.

“Tools I used 10 years ago don’t exist, and the ones that do are more powerful. It’s fun to show our clients what we (and they) can do.”

Daniel Ryu

/ Associate Creative Director

Dan is an original Crewer, a fearless creative leader, a keen strategist and an instructor at the University of the Fraser Valley. His food/bev experience includes Silver Hills Bakery, One Degree Organic Foods and Hardbite.

“The power to change behaviours and habits is a huge responsibility. Doing that through the design of packaging or by telling a story through a campaign is exciting.”

Rachel Latkolik

/ Associate Creative Director

After almost 15 years of experience as a designer and Art Director, Rachel has helped develop a number of successful brands from the ground up—at Crew, these have included Om Organics, Carrick Bros. and Kazoo.

“Food brings people together and has the power to create communities with lasting impact. Being a part of that, a part of people’s everyday lives gets me excited.”

Jessica McCullough

/ Senior Marketing Manager

Jessica got into marketing in 2011 while still at St. FX where she was a CIS University hockey champion. She gets what it looks like to play on a winning squad, she brought that spirit to Crew in 2015 and she hasn’t looked back.

“I love helping brands to weave social consciousness/responsibility into their stories.”

Michelle Coates

/ Senior Marketing Manager

Three years as a Regional Marketing Manager at Boston Pizza, and another two with Save-On-Foods, gave Michelle a passion for food. She loves innovative products that reduce ingredients, allergens and harm to the planet. Her passion for the Minnesota Vikings is much greater.

“Even if we’re only one piece of the huge pie our clients are creating, I feel grateful to be a part of it.”

Carrie Lee

/ Senior Marketing Manager

Carrie is an international marketing expert who’s worked with blue-chip brands like Mattel, Hootsuite and Deliveroo (Hong Kong’s premium food delivery service). She loves working on brands that aren’t household names yet and has elevated a few to that status here.

“Whether it’s helping businesses launch their products or pivot their strategy, the opportunity to create something that can impact/change lives is always special.”

Abe Friesen

/ Web Development Manager

A master of wrangling creatives and keeping them on the same page, Abe strives for digital experiences that deliver fulfilling user journeys. He brings nearly a decade of management experience to the table, along with his homemade smoked meats.

“There’s something special about working on a project that makes the world a better place, that you don’t find elsewhere.”

Amy Castell

/ Marketing Manager

After a junior career in car racing, Amy worked for the Canadian NASCAR team, Kellogg’s and Kimberly Clark. Not surprisingly, she’s known for her speed and efficiency. She informs her approach by understanding why her clients are passionate about their brands.

“The ways that we eat and consume foods are constantly evolving. As marketers, we need to be ahead of these macro trends.”

Jeff Popovich

/ Digital Art Director

Jeff came to Crew from Innocean with CCO Gerald Schoenhoff after producing award-winning work for Kia and working on numerous food/bev brands. When not crafting clever digital campaigns, he hosts a cooking channel on YouTube and sometimes makes Star Wars-inspired meals.

“Music, art, food and literature all impact us. Knowing the work I do can similarly impact someone’s life for the greater good is exciting.”

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