Are you an up-and-coming digital marketer with experience managing paid search, and paid social media campaigns? If so, we’d like to chat!

CREW Marketing Partners is an award-winning, full-service creative and marketing agency with offices in Surrey, Kelowna, and Oakville. We are seeking a full-time Digital Marketing Specialist to join our CREW. Are you an up-and-coming digital marketer with experience managing paid search, and paid social media campaigns? If so, we’d like to chat!

Your role will be to launch paid digital ad campaigns, and improve their performance (as they relate to our client’s goals) … As a Digital Media Specialist, you’ll collaborate with some awesome colleagues, including Strategists, Designers, and more. There’s close to 50 of us now at CREW.

The perfect candidate will be able to work independently, and have a knack for interpreting campaign data, and be able to approach their work using best-practices. As well as wanting to learn. We LOVE people who are entrepreneurial-minded, and who want to broaden their skills and experience. We also admire values such as positivity, being humble, and open-minded.



As CREW’s Digital Marketing Specialist, you’d be responsible for tasks like the following;

Campaign Management (Google AdWords, Bing, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn):

  • Work within client budgets and maintain/improve desired KPI’s that are aligned to their business objectives
  • Monitor and optimize campaigns to maximize results while providing insights and analysis for scheduled reporting
  • Develop campaigns for clients with actionable results within client timelines
  • Write attractive and concise copy for Search Ads
  • Lead the development of keyword selection and audience targeting
  • Plan, develop and execute experiments and conversion tests


  • Work with the Digital Marketing team to provide clients with actionable and in depth recommendations
  • Identify new metrics for measurement depending on campaign and client needs
  • Work with your Digital Marketing team members to develop and strengthen attribution modelling and performance proxies
  • Implementation of all recommendations with measurable analysis


  • Be an active participant in strategic, tactical, reporting and post analysis discussions with clients.
  • Drive confidence in your work with well thought rationale and performance results
  • Provide clients with strategic and tactical updates
  • Provide communications summaries with actionable next steps
  • Become an organizational thought-leader by sharing your views/analysis of industry trends (and your clever tactical implementations & tests).
  • Ultimately, you’re just so darned passionate about this stuff, that at family gatherings you can’t help but yell “Hey Grandma! You’ll never guess what Google did to their algorithm today!”


  • You have 1-3 years of digital advertising experience. Note: agency experience is a bonus, but it’s not required
  • Strong knowledge in Google AdWords (Google Ads), Bing and Facebook Ads Manager
  • Intermediate knowledge of Google Analytics (including Google Tag Manager)
  • Knowledge of Twitter and LinkedIn ads is preferred but not required
  • You can show examples, or speak to your track record of delivering results across multiple campaigns
  • You’ve organized/managed all the pieces necessary to launch/execute campaigns.
  • Proven ability to work both independently and with a team. You can toss headphones on and crush work out, but you also are comfortable collaborating in a group setting.
  • You can manage client relationships & workflows across a variety of clients and operational approaches


  • Alignment with CREW values
  • Proactive and assertive problem-solver with an ability to bootstrap solutions
  • Genuinely positive and optimistic attitude
  • Confident yet teachable
  • Driven by results and strive for excellence

If you’ve made it this far, it’s safe to say you’re seriously considering a change, or at least exploring some options.

Some of you may be saying to yourself “I could totally do this – but I’m unsure about a career move” – We get it. Stepping into the unknown is tricky. Like, what if the culture sucks and we have bad coffee? Let’s connect, and we can share what life is like at CREW.

Other’s might be thinking “This sounds so good, but I’m a little light on experience” – That’s cool too! Don’t be shy. Some of our best hires have been people who had less formal backgrounds and experience, but oozed drive, creativity and entrepreneurial spirit.

Ultimately this is supportive environment that isn’t afraid of people making mistakes. Just bring your experience, passion, and energy, and we’ll figure out the rest together.

So, are you ready to be a part of a company that’s growing and trying to do good in the world?  Then please send your cover letter and resume to Please include in the subject line “Your Name – Digital Marketing Specialist” We truly wish we could respond to everyone, but only qualified candidates will be contacted for an interview.

We’ll keep any and all communications confidential.

Thanks again for your interest in CREW!


Digital Marketing Specialist

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