Top Canadian Food & Beverage Regulators

Regulators help ensure that products are compliant with all relevant health and safety regulations.

Knowing all the ins and outs of Health Canada and US regulation, they can help you save time and money by guiding the process of getting your products into market.

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by Braden Douglas
April 29, 2022

Last updated: April 2022

Top Canadian Food & Beverage Regulators


Servicing: Canada

Natural health products consulting, regulatory compliance for prescription/non-prescription biologics

1 888 420 5457

Canada’s Consumer Goods Compliane Consultants

Servicing: Canada

Regulatory compliance

647 450 5269

Casey Regulatory Inc.

Servicing: Canada

Government relations, product development, regulatory compliance, training

905 717 6867

Close to the Heart

Servicing: Canada

Authorization submissions, labelling (Canada & US), nutrition analysis, regulatory compliance, translation

416 347 0125

Dell Tech

Servicing: Canada

Product safety, regulatory compliance (Canada & US), training

519 858 5021


Servicing: Canada

Food safety, health product consulting, international trade certificates, product strategy & classification, regulatory compliance

1 866 647 3279


Servicing: Canada

Gap analysis, HACCP plan facilitation, labelling, regulatory compliance, safety & risk assessments,


Servicing: Canada

Additive and novel food consulting, claims substantiation, dietary supplement services, risk assessment

905 542 2900

ITA Group Canada

Servicing: Canada

Food package hygiene consulting, labelling, regulatory compliance inspection, training

438 638 7891

K Friedman Consulting

Servicing: Canada

Advertising compliance, classification, labelling, novel food applications, regulatory compliance

416 783 9394

KGK Science

Servicing: Canada

Claim substantiation, labelling, letters of toxicology support, product licensing, regulatory compliance, safety & risk assessments

519 438 9374

MCS Associates

Servicing: Canada

labelling, licensing, nutritional analysis, regulatory compliance, temporary market authorization

855 350 6420


Servicing: Canada

Classification, food safety, health claims substantiation, health product compliance (Canada & the US), labelling, medical food applications, natural health product licensing, supplement compliance

NSF Canada

Servicing: Canada

Labelling (Canada & US), process development, product & package testing, shelf-life testing

519 821 1246

Quality & Compliance

Servicing: Canada

Audits, food safety, import regulation, regulatory compliance, training

1 877 877 5152

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