A brand platform that shines light on moments that make us who we are.

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In recent times, there's a clear trend of consumers drinking less juice.

Like its carbonated cousin, the juice category hasn’t had an easy journey. More recently, when consumers do reach for juice, it's often private-label options they choose.


When consumers are in the mood for juice, make sure they choose SunRype.

To achieve this, we needed a solid brand platform that reinforced SunRype's appeal, ensuring consumers reached for us over competitors and private label options.


A brand platform inspired by the sun; bringing warmth and light to our lives.

We developed 'Shine On,' a brand platform that acted as a guiding light for SunRype's overall marketing and communications. We drove differentiation through light and warmth.

Our goal was to create an emotional connection to the SunRype brand by showcasing ​ how SunRype beverages enhance 'Shine On' moments in consumer’s lives.​ ​

Insight: When you drink SunRype juices, you’re sipping on a little bit of sunshine.​

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