Lou's Kitchen

The Other Bacon. Getting Consumers to 'Think Peameal'.

Client Lou's Kitchen
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Strip Bacon rules the category. Peameal, not so much. 

Peameal bacon's struggling because strip bacon dominates, it's stuck in the breakfast zone, and holds less than 3% of the bacon market, making it in need of a big image shake-up.


Boost Peameal Bacon by making it an easy part of meals again. 

We set out ​to get bacon fans, who've been cutting back, to give peameal bacon a shot by showing them how awesome it can make their meals.


Bringing home the bacon. Millions of impressions. Viral posts & more. 

We got the word out about peameal. Despite a limited media budget, the campaign recieved 10's of millions of impressions. In fact, one of our TikTok posts achieved 1.3 million views all on its own.

For over forty years, Lou’s Kitchen has been creating delicious, simple-to-prepare meals for busy Canadians as an alternative to take out and from- scratch homemade meals.

Millennials are willing to shift behaviours based on strong health and convenient triggers, if they’re made aware of those.

Nate Douglas, VP of Strategy Crew

Organic and paid social media activity provided 10's of millions of impressions for the brand, and impressively low CPMs, and CPCs helped widen that visibility.

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