Om Organics

A bold rebrand creates a deeper brand story and connection with its audience.

Client Om Organics
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  • Branding
  • Packaging


Refine Om Organics’ brand direction, creating distinction within the clean beauty category and a deeper connection to Om’s core values and audience.

It's no secret that the beauty industry feeds off of consumer’s insecurity. Om celebrates and honours each unique individual by creating organic skincare products that give us the power and freedom to own our beauty, nourish our skin and embrace our strength.


We build community, we don’t tear it down.

Instead of communicating fixes, “anti-aging” and hiding, Om launched with a new brand designed to help all individuals feel confident, naturally beautiful and body positive. Unretouched and unapologetic.


Embrace yourself, as you are, beautifully made.

The packaging was reimagined, speaking to the purity and simplicity of Om’s ingredients. Bottles and jars were stripped of labels, revealing the natural beauty within–drawing a meaningful parallel to Om’s core values.


Caring for our mind, body and planet.

Om cares about the well-being of the earth we inhabit too. Over 65+ Skus were redesigned and produced using glass, post-consumer plastics and FSC certified, carbon neutral, materials.


Black Friday's big win.

Beat the rush.

To capitalize on the Black Friday promotional buying season early, our objectives were to drive D2C sales growth and increase basket size ahead of the rush.


Beautifully made for the holidays.

Designed for both face and body, Om curated a selection of mini products to spread the joy of a radiant glow for the holidays. So beautiful, you can skip the wrapping paper.

  • Packaging that was more eco-friendly (removed labels on face care line up)
  • Packaging formats that were easier to fill in Om’s production line (removed hand-filling requirements for smaller-format products)
  • Online distribution increased from 12% to 40% y/y
  • 165% total growth in online revenue y/y