Rallying creators and influencers to amplify Tfal's kitchen innovations.

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Yes, social influences shopping, but grabbing those scrolling eyes? That's an art.

Social media has an important role in shaping purchase decisions, but the environment is noisy, and capturing attention with an increasingly distracted online audience requires creativity.


Team up with cool creators and influencers to hype up Tfal's kitchen gear.

People love food, and Tfal's air fryers make cooking deliciously easy. We just needed to leverage trusted voices who could authentically connect Tfal's innovations with their audiences.


We surpassed our Australian and US counterparts in follower growth rates.

Despite a smaller geographic market and population, our efforts for Tfal Canada led to follower growth rates surpassing those in the US. People enjoyed our content and wanted more.

One single piece of organic social content reached nearly 1.9 million people, and it wasn't uncommon for engagement rates to be between 5% and 8%.

Cassandra Murphy, Content Strategist Group SEB

Video is the most common social discovery format. Short form videos are the most engaged with content type.

Source Meta

We kept an eye on the organic content that was doing really, and then put money behind the top preformers. That strategy helped us make sure every dollar we spent on boosting posts drove more results.

Brad Marshall, Director of Digital Marketing Group SEB

Crew is a true extension of our team and they time and time again deliver great quality work for our brand.

Tanya Murdoch Group SEB

In 2023, our strategy propelled @Tfal_Canada to surpass its Australian and US counterparts in follower growth rates, even eclipsing competitor @instantpotofficial.

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