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Building a brand as big as its mission.

Client Unusually Good
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Launching innovation in a category that's swimming in a sea of sameness. 

There are a lot of apple juice brands dominating the shelf already. Parents are busy and have their go-to juice brands. We needed a brand that stood out in a big way and resonated with kids and caretakers alike.


[Yawn] The juice aisle can be a bit boring. We needed to make a splash. 

Instead of fruit photography, we disrupted the category with unusually illustrated apple characters and created custom typography with each letter feeling a little imperfect - just like the apples used in the product.


Crushing more than apples. 175% increase in sales. 13 new retail listings. 

Not to mention the brand and packaging was awarding winning; 2022 Gold Dieline Award. 2022 RGD So(cial) Design Award for Sustainability.

The brand focused on changing the world for the good, by using imperfect fruit that would otherwise be wasted. Inspired by this unique goodness, we gave them the new name of Unusually Good Food Company.

When a product tastes amazing and creates impact in the world, that’s an unusual kind of good.

Our team worked hard to capture this brand's story, placing the message directly on the packaging of their delicious apple cider.

Unusually Good was founded by students, so we made sure that youthful, hopeful energy was brought into every aspect of the packaging.

Because "The Usual” Isn't Good Enough.

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